Smoking Cessation at the Penn Lung Center:
The Comprehensive Smoking Treatment Program

One of the most unique aspects of the Penn Lung Center is the leadership role we have taken in elevating the sophistication of smoking cessation in healthcare. We acknowledge the complex nature of nicotine addiction and approach tobacco use as a disorder that crosses many disciplines of science.

Caring for smokers requires a basic understanding of relevant principles of neuroscience, psychology, social science and medicine.  The staff at the Comprehensive Smoking Treatment Program consists of healthcare professionals from several areas of medicine, including pulmonary medicine, public health, and social work- all of whom are highly experienced leaders in the field of smoking cessation.


Along with our expertise in the treatment of tobacco dependence, we share a common philosophy:

Smokers deserve treatment that is supportive, without guilt or pressure.

It is not uncommon for patients to feel frustrated by their unique experience with quitting.  We maintain a positive, supportive environment that does not rely on fear or shame to motivate smokers to quit.

Click here to watch a short video that describes our approach.